Elizabeth Rampfshaw

Originally from the UK, Elizabeth came to South Africa on holiday over 12 years ago and fell in love with the country. Starting in sales, selling Cape Town day activities she quickly grew into the overland tour industry where she had the opportunity to travel Southern Africa and Madagascar extensively. After developing her knowledge in Series and Scheduled tours, as well as Product and Project Management, Liz joined the Giltedge team in 2016 to return to a sales role to introduce others to her favourite African destinations.

Liz has a passion for Responsible Tourism and has widely researched this topic and incorporated this into her work. She assisted with the creation of a local non-profit organisation supporting local communities, building environmental and cultural awareness and is now engaged in Giltedge Africa’s Travel with a Purpose programme.

What’s been your favourite safari experience?

Picking one is so difficult! Tracking a Pangolin on foot in the Kapama Private Game Reserve was definitely a unique and amazing experience. Witnessing a stand-off with a lion and some crocodiles over a kill in the Chobe National Park was also exhilarating!

Pick one place in Africa that’s forever in your heart?

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Madagascar twice and each time I have been in wonder of the country’s beauty and diversity of flora & fauna. The Malagasy are some of the friendliest and most humble people that I have ever encountered.

Top tip for clients?

Immerse yourself in the culture! Book a community visit to get to know more about the history, values and traditions of the local people. This not only allows you to gain a unique and personal insight into life here in Africa, but it also contributes to the communities that you visit during your travels.

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