Have you ever wondered how your travel choices impact the environment and local communities?

Travellers are realizing the importance of sustainable travel. According to Booking.com’s 2023 Sustainable Travel Report, over 76% of travellers want to travel sustainably within the next 12 months.


How can you, the traveller, make a difference?

Great news – by choosing travel suppliers with a dedication to responsible tourism, you’re already making a difference one trip at a time.

At GILTEDGE, we pride ourselves on partnering with brands and establishments that echo our responsible travel ethos and extend our vision to our guests. One such partner that embodies the spirit of ‘travel for change’ is the Mantis Collection.

The Mantis legacy: More than luxury

Established in 2000 by visionary Adrian Gardiner, the Mantis Collection was born out of a humble vision. It wasn’t just about creating luxury lodgings. The goal was to craft experiences where humanity and nature co-exist harmoniously. Over the years, sustainable travelers have chosen Mantis for its impeccable blend of eco-tourism, safaris, adventure travel, and, of course, the opulence that comes with the collection’s luxury hotels, eco-lodges, and houseboats.

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The heart of Mantis: Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA)

The Community Conservation Fund Africa is the heart and soul of the Mantis Collection. Founded through a collaboration between Mantis and Accor in 2018, the CCFA is the embodiment of Mantis’ core values. It serves as the official Mantis Foundation and is a registered non-profit company.

The foundation’s mantra, ‘Our Planet. Our Gift. Our Responsibility’, resonates deeply with every Mantis guest.

Adrian Gardiner, Co-Founder and Chairman of CCFA, once said, “If you take the wildlife out of Africa, there will be little to no tourism.”

The Mantis Collection and CCFA are staunch believers in the delicate balance of living in tune with the environment. To them and us at GILTEDGE, the focus is on conservation, education, collaboration, and ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between nature and communities.

Your support of the Mantis Collection’s vision can even extend beyond your stay. The CCFA works tirelessly on many life-changing projects, from environmental and conservation initiatives to land reform and leadership development, and tavelers can consider donating to these causes. Donations are possible either directly or through the fund’s ALL Loyalty Programme. Your contributions are channeled into community-based legacy conservation projects, ensuring your endeavor to ‘travel for change’ becomes a tangible reality.

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Be the change

In the words of the CCFA:

“You don’t need to save the world, but you do need to make a difference.”

By choosing sustainable travel, opting for brands that care, and being mindful and responsible, you’re helping to reshape the future of travel – and the world. Plus, you’ll enjoy more meaningful travel experiences that you’ll hold dear long after your trip comes to an end.

Contact GILTEDGE today for more information on how we put sustainability at the heart of your trip, tailoring your itinerary to include stays at various Mantis properties, as well as various other eco-lodges and hotels across the African continent. Every visit supports sustainable travel, directly aiding legacy conservation projects that focus on preserving both wildlife and community.