Three out of five (62%) travelers plan to stay in some form of sustainable accommodation at least once in 2023, according to statistics released by Radical Storage.

Sustainable travel is on everyone’s minds (and bucket lists), and it’s up to the various travel providers to make traveling sustainably possible. Here at GILTEDGE, we’ve partnered with eco-conscious industry leaders, promising our travelers the ultimate in environmentally-friendly luxury.

The Zambezi Queen Collection by Mantis is one of our esteemed partners, offering unique Chobe River safari experiences aboard a fleet of extraordinary houseboats in the Chobe National Park, bordering Namibia and Botswana.

The Zambezi Queen Collection prioritizes sustainable tourism through the use of solar heating systems, fuel-efficient and low-emission generators, energy-saving lights, and a water jet propulsion system that replaces the houseboats’ conventional propeller system, causing no damage to the riverbed, fauna, and flora.

The Collection also participates in the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA), a registered non-profit company. Read on for more information.

What is the CCFA?

The CCFA is a fundraising and grant-giving organization that educates and empowers local communities to help themselves by implementing sustainable wildlife management systems.

The company highlights how important it is to uplift local communities in conjunction with wildlife conservation efforts. After all, individuals living within poverty-stricken communities are often forced to resort to unsustainable practices to survive, depleting their natural resources and, in turn, their economic opportunities.

As such, the CCFA has positioned itself where conservation, ecotourism, and community intersect, collaborating with stakeholders to restore and preserve natural and social resources.

What’s the key to authentic community development, shifting towards self-sufficient, less vulnerable, and more resilient communities? A ‘hand-up’ rather than a ‘hand-out’!

Accor and Mantis, in collaboration with various contributors via CCFA, have invested a significant amount (well over half a million dollars) towards community development and preserving Africa’s precious natural heritage. Moreover, Accor and Mantis bear all CCFA administrative costs, guaranteeing that every single penny raised is channeled directly into project initiatives.

“Guests who visit the Mantis Collection of hotels, eco-escapes, and waterways play an important role in supporting conservation-led travel and hospitality. It’s about curated destinations inspired by sustainable adventures. The Fund has brought together three internationally successful wildlife conservation organizations: Wilderness Foundation Africa, African Parks, and Tusk Trust, and collaborates on projects in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia,” says Kate Powell, GM Sales & Marketing at the Zambezi Queen Collection.

How you can help

Great news – you can contribute to the CCFA’s amazing work simply by hopping aboard the Zambezi Queen Collection’s luxurious Zambezi Queen, one of the Chobe Princess houseboats or staying at Ichingo Chobe River Lodge. Team GILTEDGE is here to assist you in traveling sustainably and planning the African safari of your dreams.

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