According to Radical Storage, online searches for ‘sustainable travel’ increased by 142.6% in just three years between April 2019 and April 2022. People want to travel more sustainably, and, most importantly, they want to partner with businesses, brands, agencies, and accommodation providers that prioritize it.

Team GILTEDGE understands our clients’ desire to make a positive impact without sacrificing their travel experience, so we hand-pick our partners based on their commitment to sustainability.

Matetsi Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is an example of one of our inspirational partners, dedicated to conservation and community upliftment.

Distinctly African and specializing in the luxury family safari, Matetsi Victoria Falls actively supports the global Pack for a Purpose initiative. Here’s what you need to know.

What is ‘Pack for a Purpose?’

The Pack for a Purpose initiative empowers travelers to make a big, lasting difference using just a small space inside their luggage. Each member of the initiative has selected various charities and NPOs to support, and these charities and NPOs have their own needs lists detailing the items they need to continue doing their excellent work.

Matetsi Victoria Falls & ‘Pack for a Purpose’

Matetsi Victoria Falls supports four organizations via Pack for a Purpose:

  • Greenline Africa Trust focuses on uplifting the communities of Northern Matabeleland by addressing environmental concerns and empowering women and children in rural villages. One of the organization’s remarkable projects, ‘GoGo Packs’, assists grandmothers, affectionately called ‘gogos’, who selflessly care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Despite limited resources, these compassionate gogos open their homes, hearts, and arms to children in need.
  • Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe helps mothers and infants in challenging circumstances by distributing donated secondhand items. The dedicated team distributes thoughtful hampers to mothers in need, particularly at Victoria Falls Hospital. Collaborating closely with the hospitals, Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe receives notifications when mothers requiring support arrive, and they diligently oversee the delivery process, ensuring the various items reach the intended recipients.
  • The Jafuta Foundation promotes harmony between humans and animals by fostering a balanced co-existence among the community, wildlife, conservation, education, and culture. As a catalyst, the foundation facilitates collaboration among the private sector, local authorities, communities, and protected area management agencies. It plays a vital role in transparently channelling funds and assistance to various agencies and causes, ensuring 100% transparency in its operations.
  • The Amaganyane Anti-Poaching Unit conserves wildlife and natural resources in the Matetsi Private Game Reserve, which occupies a central position within the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation area (one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions). The unit’s primary focus is mitigating the impact of poaching, both for subsistence and commercial purposes, which threatens wildlife and their habitats. Additionally, they rescue and rehabilitate animals injured due to human interference. Through the generous contributions made to Pack for a Purpose, approximately 50 dedicated anti-poaching scouts receive crucial support. These scouts patrol over 155 miles daily and have made remarkable progress, removing over 300 snares and dismantling almost two miles of illegal fishing nets within their initial nine months of operation.

How you can help

You can have a lasting positive impact on one (or more) of the organizations above simply by choosing to stay at Matetsi Victoria Falls when traveling in Zimbabwe. You can access each organisation’s needs list, from boots and bush hats to baby blankets and cloth diapers.

Let Team GILTEDGE take you there

Are you planning a Victoria Falls vacation with an emphasis on sustainable travel? Team GILTEDGE can customize an incredible experience to suit your preferences – including a stay at Matetsi Victoria Falls. We’re also here to help you ‘Pack for a Purpose’ and optimally use the extra space in your luggage.

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