GILTEDGE partner Natural Selection is a collection of safari accommodations that goes beyond the ordinary. The collection devotes 1.5% of the cost of every guest’s stay to regional conservation and community outreach initiatives, redefining the luxury travel experience and setting a precedent for responsible and sustainable tourism.

Keep reading for a look at the various initiatives it supports and the difference they are making in local communities and regions across Africa.

Conservation and community outreach

A deep respect for the natural world and a tireless dedication to preserving it for future generations is at the core of Natural Selection’s ethos. With a vision ‘to be a force for good in the protection of natural habitats’, Natural Selection has put its words into action.

Examples of the collection’s initiatives are scattered all over the African continent. In Botswana alone, Natural Selection has supported over 60 community outreach projects, directly touching the lives of locals. From education programs to empowerment initiatives, these efforts give communities the tools and opportunities to thrive alongside wildlife. In Namibia, the collection has championed 28 wildlife conservation initiatives, standing as a shield against the threats that endanger the delicate balance of ecosystems.

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Lorato House Rescue Centre

Thamo Telele, a Natural Selection lodge in Maun, Botswana, supports giraffe conservation and a local orphanage, Lorato House Rescue Centre (LHRC). This sanctuary of love provides a haven for orphaned and vulnerable children, offering care and education. Natural Selection’s commitment to this cause reflects their belief in a future where every child’s potential is nurtured.

Alien Clearing Lekkerwater

Lekkerwater Beach Lodge’s alien plant species eradication project demonstrates Natural Selection’s dedication to conserving indigenous flora and fauna. Sadly, alien invasive species threaten the delicate natural balance in De Hoop Nature Reserve. Natural Selection’s proactive approach involves removing these invaders, like black wattle and rooikrans, to preserve the region’s unique beauty and restore its endangered plant species.

Khwai Private Reserve Anti-Poaching

Natural Selection’s influence extends to safeguarding Africa’s iconic wildlife. For example, the Khwai Private Reserve Anti-Poaching initiative equips rangers with essential tools, from binoculars to modern surveillance technology, to protect precious rhino populations from illegal hunting.

Makgadikgadi National Park Waterhole Repair

During a severe drought, Natural Selection stepped in to repair and replace solar pumps in Makgadikgadi National Park’s game waterholes to ensure a reliable water source for migrating animals.

Sustainable Grass Harvesting

Natural Selection’s partnerships extend to local communities like the Khwai Village, where they collaborate on sustainable grass harvesting. More than just an income generator, this initiative transforms the lives of over 200 community members by providing safe accommodation, food, and a fair market for their products. By nurturing these symbiotic relationships, Natural Selection demonstrates the profound impact of responsible tourism on both people and nature.

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Natural Selection is just one of our incredible partners that help us to uphold our mission of enriching lives through innovative and sustainable travel experiences. From empowering local communities to protecting wildlife, Natural Selection’s efforts embody a brighter future where humans and nature thrive together.

Contact GILTEDGE if you’d like to prioritize sustainable travel on your next safari. Our travel experts are more than happy to craft a customized itinerary for you, including stays at Natural Selection lodges and various other hotels and lodges with a focus on sustainability and community upliftment.