The Seychelles is paradise on earth! Spanning an archipelago of 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, this is where you will find gorgeous palm-fringed white sandy beaches and an ocean brimming with a kaleidoscope of fish and turtles. The crystal clear, shallow waters of the islands make activities such as diving, snorkelling and glass-bottom boats quite common, and the rich history provides a handful of cultural excursions, should you find yourself able to leave the magnificent shore. This is a perfect location for those wanting absolute luxury but still yearning for that wild tropical feeling.


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Highlights in Seychelles

  • Diving in waters teeming with marine life
  • Activities like: fishing, hiking, sailing, snorkelling, surfing and windsurfing
  • Delicious Creole cuisine featuring the nuances of French cooking, the exoticism of Indian dishes and flavors of the Orient
  • Discover unique endemic specimens, found nowhere in the world, like the Coco-de-mer, the largest seed in the world, the jellyfish tree, with only eight surviving examples, the Seychelles’ paradise flycatcher and Seychelles warbler
  • Explore Mahé, the principal island, which is the world’s tiniest capital
  • Island-hopping

Best time to travel

The Seychelles islands have a year-long warm, tropical climate. The hottest months are December to April while the wettest are January and February – but the rainfalls are short and the sun appears again soon after.

Travel regions within Seychelles

North Island

A small granite island, North Island is a beautiful tropical island in the Seychelles. It’s one of Seychelles’ 42 inner islands and has four pristine beaches….

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