In the ever-evolving world of tourism, travellers are now seeking deeper connections, transformative experiences, and ways to give back.

MORE Family Collection is legendary in Southern African hospitality, celebrated for its luxury lodges, hotels, and residences. But what really makes the collection stand out is its team’s dedication to promoting travel for change. MORE Family Collection’s community initiatives are a testament to the fact that tourism and positive societal impact can coexist beautifully.

How MORE Family Collection promises guests MORE meaningful travel

One of the collection’s signature programs, ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ community experiences, offers travellers the golden opportunity to engage with locals and actively contribute to local projects. These projects span a range of critical sectors, including education, health, environment, and infrastructure.

Over the years, MORE Family Collection has fostered close relationships with local communities, from rural villages to bustling urban townships. This means guests can now witness the direct impact of development projects (as well as be a part of them), share stories with residents, and come away with memories beyond their chosen destination’s stunning landscapes.

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The MORE Community Foundation

The belief in creating sustainable change is central to MORE Family Collection’s philosophy. As such, the collection collaborates with the MORE Community Foundation, which is a beacon of hope, supporting communities to sustain themselves for the foreseeable future. The foundation works tirelessly to empower individuals, from facilitating access to essential resources like water to providing digital learning opportunities.

Key projects, such as the expansion of Jabez Preschool and Masuwe Primary School, show a commitment to making a difference providing communities with the tools for success. One particularly poignant initiative is the Dignity Drive. Did you know that around 2.6 million girls miss school every month because of a lack of access to sanitary products? MORE Family Collection’s Dignity Drive strives to provide young girls in Africa with sanitary products, ensuring menstruation doesn’t hinder their education.

Travel, transform, transcend: How can you make a difference?

You’re supporting local initiatives every time you request to stay at one of MORE Family Collection properties, like the Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel, Lion Sands River Lodge, or Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel, when GILTEDGE is crafting your itinerary.

But your involvement doesn’t have to end there. Engaging with locals during your stay provides an enriched travel experience. Every effort counts, whether it’s simply singing songs with children, planting trees, or contributing to health initiatives. Furthermore, for those inspired by the impactful work of the MORE Community Foundation, there’s an option to make monetary contributions, either as a one-time gesture or a recurring donation.

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The journey ahead

In collaboration with various partners, including MORE Family Collection, GILTEDGE is revolutionizing travel experiences by emphasizing responsible tourism. We aim to create a travel-for-change narrative as we journey with our guests to destinations across the African continent, focusing on uplifting local communities and ensuring sustainability for future generations.

Get in touch with Team GILTEDGE for further information on how we can build a custom African adventure for you. We look forward to empowering you to make MORE of your next getaway. Let’s journey sustainably together – for our world, communities, and shared future.