At Giltedge Africa we are committed to making a positive change through travel. For years we’ve been involved with a number of philanthropic organisations the most notable of which is Uthando: a Fair Trade in Tourism accredited NGO that works with innovative community projects. And now, we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest initiative, Travel with a Purpose.

Travel with a Purpose’ is for anyone who wants to play a hands-on role in uplifting local communities or conserving the environment in the destinations that they visit. These projects all offer direct engagement, so that you can get actively involved and make a meaningful personal contribution as you partake in life-changing experiences.

Our Travel with a Purpose projects fall into three main areas:

Travel with a Purpose: volun-tourism
Coaching soccer through our volun-tourism programme.

Volun-Tourism (Social Engagement):

Lend a helping hand in local communities. Whether it’s a morning reading to kids at a rural school or a day in a youth project in Cape Town’s townships, you’re sure to remember those moments shared as you learn about the lives of the people who live there.

  • Spend time at an orphanage or school
  • Help out with sports, art or music
  • Work in a vegetable garden
  • Assist with life skills and youth development
Travel with a Purpose: eco-tourism
Rhino micro-chipping experience with the Wilderness Foundation.

Eco-Tourism (Conservation efforts):

Some of our favourite luxury safari lodges are not only known for exceptional game viewing, they also offer interactive wildlife and conservation experiences. Make a real difference and have an amazing adventure while doing so!

  • Help with the clearing of alien vegetation
  • Monitor and track endangered animals
  • Learn about anti-poaching programmes
  • Offer support at a wildlife rehabilitation centre
Travel with a Purpose: edu-tourism
Get involved with projects within the local communities around Ulusaba.

Edu-Tourism (Cross–cultural exchange):

Share your talents with individuals or organisations with similar interests. Depending on the skills you have we could connect you to a local university, medical clinic, woman’s shelter, smaller non-profit or youth educational programme.

  • Donate your time and expertise
  • Share personal work experience

Get Involved:

Robyn Stalson - Travel With a Purpose specialist

As the Philanthropy Specialist for Giltedge Africa, Robyn Stalson is committed to Responsible Tourism. Critical components of all Travel with a Purpose tours are regard for ethical standards, authenticity and attention to sustainability and safety.

Travel with a Purpose understands the value of partnerships and collaboration to make a bigger impact in the world. Stakeholders include: government agencies, elite travel companies, corporations, non-profits and committed individuals. The idea, says Robyn, “is to use Responsible Travel as a unifying platform.  Collectively, through the spirit of “Ubuntu” (Zulu word for togetherness) we can mutually support each other in providing meaningful and memorable experiences for our clients.  We are committed to creating life-changing journeys.”

To get involved simply chat to your Giltedge Senior Travel Consultant, and she’ll recommend projects matched to your skills and interests which can then be built into your itinerary.

You’ll still have that luxury safari that you’ve always dreamed of, and at the same time return home with the satisfaction that only comes from having made a positive contribution to the lives of others.