Sardine Run: Diving with millions of sardines in South Africa

Imagine swimming in the ocean surrounded by silver sardines, seals, and dolphins! That’s what Sean Kritzinger, director at Giltedge, recently experienced on his marine adventure on South Africa’s Wild Coast.

What drew him to the remote KwaZulu Natal area? The drawcard: millions of tiny sardines that migrate annually from the Antarctica to our shorelines. It’s the world’s biggest fish migration and all you need is a thick wetsuit, a sense of adventure and a whiff of courage.

While the sardines attract predators such as dolphins, seals, sharks, and whales, it’s safe to go diving with them as long as you have an experienced guide. These shoals are about 7 kilometers long, 1.5 kilometers and 25 meters deep. It’s an unbelievable experience as Sean’s video highlights.

Covid-friendly experiences in Southern Africa

Southern Africa has many Covid-friendly, earthy and nature-centric encounters like this one on its menu! Travellers nowadays are looking for safe holidays that are in nature, with low-density travel and accommodation and open spaces (for automatic social distancing!).

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Photo by Colin Bell
Sean Kritzinger (picture on the right)
Humpback whale, photo by Colin Bell
Photo by Colin Bell
Dolphins, photo by Colin Bell

Photo by Colin Bell
Mkambati Nature Reserve, photo by Colin Bell