Africa’s green season, also called the shoulder season, is a beautiful time to visit the African wilderness. After months of dry weather, the first rains (which arrive anytime from September to November) bring an abundance of greenery and new life. The bush can be a bit thicker and the wildlife more spread out, but the experience is one you will never forget.

Still, the green season is not for everyone. We’ve put together some profiles of travellers who should definitely not be travelling to Africa during the shoulder season.

  1. You like crowds

shoulder season

Who doesn’t love a crowd? Why would you want Africa all to yourself, if you can share it with others? After all, you get to feel like a true paparazzi when you try to get a shot of that elusive leopard alongside dozens of other travellers with clicking cameras.

During the green season, you won’t find any crowds. In fact, you might not see another safari vehicle for days. Fewer tourists means you’ll get a much more exclusive nature experience and a front-row seat to incredible wildlife viewings.

  1. Green is not your colour

shoulder season

Why would anyone like green? It’s not even a primary colour! So why on earth would you travel to Africa during a time when the dull brown hues have made way for lush green?

Fresh green grass, bright new leaves on the trees, many shrubs and plants in bloom, loads of flowers and a rainbow of colours. It really is just too much colour at one time.

  1. You love overspending

Fancy yourself as a bit of a shopaholic? Why pay less when you can pay more, right?

Tough luck during the green season. Because there are fewer people, lodges tend to be very generous and offer reduced rates of up to 50% as well as special add-ons such as free nights. Very often, they’ll even scrap the single supplements for solo travellers.

  1. Babies are not your thing

shoulder season

If you feel baby animals are needy, annoying and overrated, the green season is definitely not for you. You see: predators such as lions, leopards and wild dog all tend to give birth during this time. Baby warthogs, baby wildebeest, baby monkeys, baby baboons. They’re everywhere. As if that wasn’t enough: you’ll also see young zebra, buffalo and wildebeest foals try take their first steps.

  1. Birds belong in Hitchcock movies

shoulder season

If you don’t like birds, make sure to avoid the shoulder season. It’s the time when migratory birds start to return and summer birds show off their most spectacular breeding plumage. Water sources are abundantly fresh, creating a watery haven, ideal for birds (and bird photography).

So, there you have it: five solid reasons not to travel to Africa during the green season.

But if – like us – you LOVE the idea of travelling to Africa when it’s more affordable, quieter, and there’s an abundance of wildlife, then give us a call.