Tanzania & Rwanda Honeymoon

There is no better way to start your lives together than with a 13-day great adventure to untamed East Africa starting with the modern, yet cozy 5-star tented Sanctuary Swala Camp. Get acquainted with the landscape on game drives ambling around baobab trees looking for a glimpse of the rare ghost-white giraffe. A pit stop at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is obligatory for romance, endless starry nights, and views over the ancient crater.

For a change in scenery, your journey to the wilds of the dusty Central Serengeti. An oasis of luxury in the middle of the open plains dotted by grazing zebras. One Nature Nyaruswiga’s “tents” are an understatement of the century. The four-poster bed, hardwood floors and glowing copper bath in your room are fit for a king.

The One & Only’s pride and joy in Rwanda are both Nyungwe House and Gorillas Nest. Both are set in wet and emerald green rainforests but offer two very unique experiences with primates. In the southwest live Rwanda’s last remaining chimpanzee population. While in the north, just miles away from the Congo, sit troops of gorilla families high in the hills foraging for bamboo shoots.


  • Diverse landscapes and wildlife of the Manyara region
  • UNESCO World Heritage’s Ngorongoro Crater
  • Wildebeest and Zebra migration in the Serengeti (seasonal)
  • Rwanda’s ancient forests and the home of the Colomus Monkey
  • Volcano National Park’s bamboo forests and the gorillas that inhabit them

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