Tanya Drummer

At the age of 20, Tanya and her (now) husband decided to travel through southern Africa without a plan or schedule. They released themselves from all commitments and hit the road for what would be an amazing experience. The experience opened her eyes to the diverse beauty of the African landscape, people and wildlife. She then expanded her horizons abroad for a few years before returning to Cape Town and fortuitously ending up in the tourism industry, working as a junior travel consultant.

Tanya specialises in tailor-made luxury holiday travel for FITs and especially loves helping with multi-generational and special occasion travel like honeymoons and anniversaries to southern Africa.

Tanya has a few favourite destinations. Her favourites include: Sabi Sands for its big cats and great game viewing, Tswalu for its amazing diverse experience, and the Okavango Delta for its remote beauty and romantic feel.

Outside of work, Tanya dedicates most of her time to her husband and three children. Family holidays tend to be coastal camping trips as all the family enjoy the great outdoors and water-based activities such as surfing, swimming and snorkelling.

What’s been your favourite safari experience?

It’s difficult to pick just one – but certainly the most memorable experience was watching an exciting sighting of a lioness climbing a tree to steal a leopard’s kill (which that leopard had actually stolen from another leopard). The rest of the lion pride were circling the tree, waiting for their turn to grab the kill when it fell.

Pick one place in Africa that’s forever in your heart?

Please don’t make me choose just one! My top three are sleeping under the stars in the Namib; exploring the remote waterways of the Okavango Delta; and watching an exciting predator hunt in the Sabi Sands.

Top tip for clients?

Dress in layers so that you can add or peel off clothes as the temperatures change dramatically within hours.

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