North Luangwa National Park

North Luangwa is the wild, sister park of the more popular and accessible South Luangwa National Park. Together they form part of the Great Rift Valley which runs from East Africa down to Zambia. It’s mostly a walking destination centered on the southern wilderness area of the park. The habitat and wildlife are similar to South Luangwa, but animals are less habituated – its main appeal is its pristine bush and lack of crowds of tourists. All the Big Five can be found here.

The Luangwa river, with its rich soils, feeds the North Luangwa National Park but the safari camps are located on the perennial Mwaleshi river. This pristine wilderness environment boasts large herds of the endemic Cookson’s wildebeest and eland. These are not seen so readily further south. It also has good concentrations of lions.

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Highlights in North Luangwa National Park

  • Enjoy excursions to Chipopma Falls or Mwaleshi Falls
  • Swim in the Kapishya Hot Springs
  • A bird watchers’ paradise
  • Day and night drives
  • Village Experience to see how locals live
  • Fewer roads means walking safaris are the best way to see the park

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