Wildlife is just that – wild and unpredictable. That’s what makes it so exciting! You never know where you’ll stumble upon a solitary leopard or the exact time the animals of the Great Migration will embark on their legendary Grumeti River crossing.

Enter the mobile safari trend – moving with the times and the action. Mobile safaris grant authentic wildlife encounters, taking travelers not only closer to nature, but making them a part of it.

Another perk regarding this adaptable take on the traditional safari? Optimized affordability without sacrificing on luxury. After all, isn’t true luxury personalized adventures paired with close connections with loved ones and your surroundings?

GILTEDGE Executive Chairperson Sean Kritzinger recently tried on the mobile safari experience for himself. He had the privilege of undertaking a guided cycling safari with GILTEDGE partner Natural Selection in beautiful Botswana, where he explored ancient elephant paths and camped alongside the Khwai River.

Read on for a look at his incredible six-day journey.

Day 1

Knowing how the mobile safari trend was sweeping the industry, Sean was eager to embrace the thrill and see what all the fuss was about.

His journey began in Maun, the gateway to the famed Okavango Delta. A warm greeting awaited him as his safari guide helped load his bike and luggage onto the trailer. From there, it was an exciting drive to a mobile safari camp just south of the Moremi Game Reserve wildlife area.

“Natural Selection’s mobile operator is hugely experienced and provides a very comfortable stay in spacious tents with ensuite bathrooms, including bucket-showers and mobile pit toilets.”

Once there, Sean spent the remainder of the day winding down alongside a campfire and tucking into a mouthwatering dinner.

“The food offered was incredible. All dinners were three courses, including fillet steak, oxtail stews, and plenty of vegetarian options. Breakfasts were always light and nutritious. Along with a classic hot breakfast, we could top up with yoghurt, muesli, and cereals for the game rides ahead. As for lunches, we enjoyed salads, breads, and many other healthy choices.”

Day 2

It was time to saddle up at sunrise on day two, following a path through woodlands and plains. This was no ordinary route; it was a path created by elephants, nature’s unrivaled trail builders. The group spent an invigorating six hours on their mountain bikes, stopping intermittently to observe the impressive wildlife and enjoy some snacks.

“The tranquility of biking in the Delta is something very special. The excitement that wildlife can be anywhere at any time is indescribable. Many of the animals are also quite relaxed in your presence, especially when you’re downwind of them.”

The day concluded with a warm lunch and a leisurely afternoon game drive, followed by a dinner that left everyone replenished for the adventures ahead.

Day 3 – 4

Day three brought a change of scenery as the group cycled to a new campsite in Mababe, following elephant trails and jeep tracks along the Khwai River. But it was day four that stood out as the trip’s highlight. The group embarked on an impressive seven-hour ride along ancient elephant paths, where they saw elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and even leopards.

“Reasonable fitness is a must for this type of mobile safari. It’s important to be comfortable cycling at least five hours a day and capable of enduring warm temperatures and sunny conditions. The great news is that all the cycling is quite relaxed. There are also lots of snacks and water stops, so no worries there. The backup team is always around to support you.”

Day 5 – 6

The safari cyclists spent the next few days lapping up the luxury on offer at Natural Selection’s Little Sable. The location offered diverse experiences, from game drives to mokoro trips and boat safaris.

“My top tip when embarking on a mobile safari? Bring a relaxed disposition as things don’t always work like clockwork. Take in all the special moments, sights, and sounds and absorb everything without constantly reaching for your camera. The guides and team will be happy to share pictures with you later.  Ultimately, it’s a great bonding experience for all, where great stories are told around the fire and lots of laughs are had.”

Day 7

On the final day, following a delicious breakfast, the group journeyed back to Maun. As Sean bid farewell to his companions and the enchanting landscapes of Botswana, he felt a sense of fulfillment and exhilaration.

The mobile cycling safari had truly been an adventure like no other, blending action, wildlife, and the sheer beauty of nature in a unique way. Obviously, he’d been on safari before (in fact, Sean grew up traveling with his family on 4×4, camping, and adventure holidays across Southern Africa), but few safaris had been quite as raw and authentic as this one.

“After the 4-day mobile experience and cycling trip, be sure to treat yourself to a night or two of luxury at one of the incredible Natural Selection lodges. For example, Sable Alley, Little Sable, and Tuludi Camp are a 90-minute drive from the second campsite, Mombabi, in the Delta. A heli trip to Hyena Pan tented camp or the Skybeds is also a must, and no trip to Botswana is complete without game-watching from the underground elephant hide in Khwai Private Reserve. You can’t get closer to Africa’s gentle giants than that – you can almost touch them!”

Keen to follow (or ride) in Sean’s footsteps? Contact Team GILTEDGE for help planning the ultimate mobile safari. Our travel experts are here to tailor an African adventure especially for you.