Stella Spalding

Stella is based in the metropolis Denver in Colorado. She has travelled extensively in Africa and feels there’s nothing better than being on safari: setting out on game drives, exploring the African bush and toasting the sunsets with a G&T. Some of her travel highlights include: witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania, mokoro safaris in the Okavango Delta, spending the day with the Himba tribe in Namibia, and enjoying wine in the vineyards of South Africa.

Outside of travelling, Stella is also passionate about food and wine, finding the best camping spots Colorado has to offer, and spending time with her friends and family.

What’s been your favourite safari experience?

It was taking my mom on safari in South Africa! I have had many amazing experiences throughout East and Southern Africa but seeing my mom witness something that I love … that tops them all!

Pick one place in Africa that’s forever in your heart?

Tanzania was where I went on my first safari, and it was the first place where I left a piece of my heart.

Top tip for clients?

Always remember to pack your sense of humor and a bit of flexibility.

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