Shipwreck Lodge

Offering an exclusive and very surreal experience, the exclusive Shipwreck Lodge is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the famous dunes of the Namib Desert within the Skeleton Coast National Park. The luxuriously appointed 10 cabins and main lodge of this remote destination create a dramatic silhouette against the dunes with their shipwreck silhouettes.

Delicious meals are served at the on-site restaurant or enjoyed right on the beach. There is plenty to do for all ages from visits to clay castles and the seal colony to heading out into the wild on quad bikes to really get a sense of this ancient space. A day passes quickly when exploring the landscape from walking in the dry riverbeds to climbing majestic and ancient sand dunes.

The rugged interior and coastline are also home to the exotic and unusual in terms of plants and smaller animals – and the only way to discover them is to get out on foot. For the larger species, guided tours go in search of the array of desert-adapted animals that have learned to thrive in this environment. Shipwreck Lodge promises an unforgettable experience in a magical destination.

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