Embark on a captivating journey with our CEO, Murray, as he explores the wonders of East Africa with Angama. Murray’s adventure unfolds in the newly inaugurated Angama Amboseli, a sanctuary of luxury and conservation nestled against the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. From the wildlife-rich plains of Masai Mara to the iconic Angama Mara lodge, here’s what Murray had to say about his extraordinary expedition:


We consider ourselves privileged to operate in an extraordinary industry, where we have the opportunity to engage with dedicated individuals, explore remarkable hotels and lodges across Southern and East Africa. However, we never take this privilege for granted. Each journey reveals new opportunities and experiences that we are eager to share with our clients. My recent trip to Kenya was no exception.

Our first destination was the newly inaugurated Angama Amboseli. Opening a new lodge is no small feat, but the Angama team deserves praise for creating a sanctuary that exudes a timeless quality. The passion of the staff is palpable.

Why Angama Amboseli? The majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the presence of Big Tuskers, and the Amboseli National Park are significant, but what stands out is the lodge’s contribution to conservation efforts. Nestled in the 5,700-acre Kimana Sanctuary, linking Amboseli National Park with Tsavo and Chyulu Hills, this corridor is vital for wildlife migration and key in the prevention of the disruption of ecosystems in all three areas. Remarkably, the narrowest part of the corridor is only 70 meters wide!

The lodge features ten luxury suites, including two sets of interconnecting units for families. With a breathtaking pool area overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro, a central dining and lounge area, as well as a separate space with a gallery, shop, kids’ area, and weaving studio, Angama Amboseli provides a comprehensive experience.

Without revealing too much, Angama consistently surprises, enhancing the overall experience. Combining Angama Amboseli with the iconic Masai Mara proved to be an ideal choice for our group.

After a short 50-minute charter flight, we found ourselves on the vast plains of Africa, starting with a two-night stay at Angama Safari Camp in the heart of the Masai Mara. The camp, booked exclusively, accommodates eight guests in four luxury tents. Despite being a mobile camp that relocates every six to eight weeks, the level of comfort in its facilities is impressive. The location along the Mara River allows for exploration of the wildlife-rich Mara Triangle. Even for seasoned safari-goers, the experience was consistently exhilarating.

Moving on from the Safari Camp, we arrived at Angama’s flagship lodge, Angama Mara. The ‘Out of Africa’ views from the escarpment overlooking the Mara immediately captivate the soul.  For the staff at Angama Mara, this place is not just a workplace; it’s their home and thus warmth of the staff radiates in every direction.

Once settled into the suite, it becomes challenging to envision leaving. Angama Mara consists of two camps with 15 suites each – North and South, mirroring each other and connected by a swimming pool. In addition to daily game drives, guests can immerse themselves in the Mara culture by visiting a local school, the beading studio, or even participating in a run with a Masai Warrior – an experience I embraced and thoroughly enjoyed.  Finally, no trip to the Masai Mara is complete without a Hot Air Balloon experience.

The Angama brand, conceived by Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald, reflects the lifelong dedication of two individuals to the African tourism industry. It is reassuring to know that their legacy will endure through their daughter, Kate as well as CEO, Steve Mitchell who together guide the ship into the future.

A special mention to the companions who accompanied me – Dionne, Donna, Cara, Claire, Lillie, Peter, and Guy. Sharing time with fellow industry professionals makes working in tourism truly rewarding. Thanks for the stories, the laughter, and the new friendships.

As I sip my final cocktail with a full moon peeking out after another afternoon thunderstorm, I feel fortunate to have had this incredible experience. I eagerly anticipate our GILTEDGE clients enjoying a similar experience.