The Olive Exclusive All-Suite Hotel

Located in a quiet suburb in Windhoek, The Olive Exclusive is a cool, sleek and stylish boutique hotel in Namibia’s capital city. With mountains views, the boutique hotel is the perfect city retreat on your safari through Namibia. You can sit back, take in the mountain views and enjoy the delicious cuisine.

The seven suites are decorated uniquely, each inspired by a different region of Namibia. Each suite contains a fireplace, a dining area (where you can enjoy a meal in privacy) and a cosy lounge. Large window doors open onto decks where you can have a glass of champagne; the hotel’s modern lines are complemented by eclectic wallpaper, textured wood, plus-sized lights, and lavish furnishings. The hotel also showcases photographs by the famous South African photographer, Mickey Hoyle.


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