The Blue Train

The epitome of style and grace, the Blue Train takes guests on an extraordinary and luxurious journey through scenic southern Africa. Travel on board the Blue Train is reminiscent of the ease and opulence of bygone times. The Blue Train has been synonymous with the finest hospitality and understated elegance in exclusive tourism since 1946.

To appreciate the prestige of this majestic train, you need only look at the guests who choose to travel on it. True royalty, captains of industry (and lieutenants) and the leaders of nations have graced its sophisticated carriages. The touch of royalty extends to each and every facet of a journey on The Blue Train. From sublime meals in the dining car to coaches couched on soundless linkages, the murmur of refined fellow guests is the only lulling sound you will hear.

This luxury train offers a unique way of exploring some of southern Africa’s magnificent landscapes and landmarks. Guests indulge in sumptuous, first-class cuisine accompanied by the finest wines of South Africa. For the entire duration of your journey on the Blue Train personal butlers cater to your every need, day and night, both in the comfort of your charming, private suites or in any of the several exquisite lounges.

There are a selection of scheduled services, as well as chartered journeys. The scheduled route runs from Pretoria to Cape Town and vice versa, while the chartered routes travel from either Pretoria to coastal Durban or Pretoria to Hoedspruit, near Kruger National Park. The charter options are offered to groups of 40 guests or more. So take a journey into a timeless world of grace, elegance and romance, where spectacular scenery stirs your imagination and lavish comforts soothe your body and spirit.

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