Cederberg Ridge Wilderness Lodge

Immerse yourself in the picturesque countryside of this remarkable destination. This Cape Dutch farmhouse retreat is set against the backdrop of veld, wild blossoms and the Cederberg mountain range. Cederberg Ridge is not just a pretty ’scape, it bears the legacy of indigenous San hunter-gatherers and their nomadic way of life. Southern Africa has a rich history of rock art with some paintings in the Cederberg region dating as far back as 8000 years. Closest to the lodge are 2000-year-old rock paintings, illustrating leopards, elephants and eland.

The ‘Berg to Plate’ cuisine uses natural ingredients from the area to produce a seasonal menu. You can look forward to homemade treats such as freshly baked bread, croissants, gelato, macaroons – even homemade sausages. Two vegetarian dishes are prepared each season, especially for veggie-lovers. If your meals require specific alterations, the chef will gladly cater to your diet. Guests on a longer stay enjoy curated catering the most. Cederberg is also the source of Rooibos tea and the only region in the world growing it. Learn more about Rooibos on a tasting and tour of the teahouse.

Adventurers will be happy to hear that Cederberg has been earmarked by dedicated hikers! Mountain biking is available for those eager to hit the trail and jeep tracks. By far, one of the most interesting attractions is the Sevilla Rock Art Trail just 30 minutes outside Cederberg. However, you will need a Nature Conservation permit to explore the trail and the sites. The Cederberg countryside has the most incredible natural vegetation. Take your camera along on guided walks to the valley of fruit trees and the glorious wildflowers blooming in Cederberg springtide.

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