Steeped in history, Prague is the Czech Republic’s capital city and a perfect destination for incentive groups. Its beer is some of the best in Europe. Its architecture is crumbling, decadent and mesmerizing. And as Rehana says:

“You could spend days exploring Prague and not even scratch the surface of all the things to see and do there.”

Rehana took 5 competition winners and their partners on a trip to Prague and Ostrava. We chatted to her about the highlights…

Rehana, left, with the group on arrival at the airport

What was your first impression of Prague?

We arrived during the European heatwave so it was about 33+ degrees when we landed in Prague at 13h00. Our guide Pavel was fun-loving, friendly and informative.

Prague is just one my favourite places: it has this magic and old-world charm that I absolutely adore but with all the modern amenities that travellers need.

City tour followed by a cruise on the Vlatva River

What activities did you organize for the group?

On our arrival day, we arranged a dinner cruise on the Vlatva River to see some of the sites of Prague like the Dancing House, Charles Bride, etc. that were made more beautiful with the colours of the sunset.

Walk across Charles Bridge and dancing in Kampa park

On Day 2 in Prague we went on an interactive walking tour of the city. We learnt a traditional dance in Kampa Park, listened to the history of Prague from King Charles IV himself, made our mark on Lennon’s Wall and watched the Astronomical Clock show.

Day 3 & 4 had us travelling on a high-speed train to and from the little town of Ostrava, close to the Polish border, to visit the Hyundai Nosovice Factory where all the Hyundai Tuscon cars are manufactured for the European market.

Once settled back in Prague on Day 5, we visited the Prague Castle district that included a visit to the Lobkowicz Palace art collections and St Vitus Cathedral.

Exploring the city

Did you taste any amazing Czech cuisine?

We had such good food in Prague and Ostrava; all the culinary experiences were unique. Our group dined in the underground restaurant of the White Horse Pub on Old Town Square; did beer tasting at the famous Radegast Brewery near Ostrava; and enjoyed baked goat’s cheese starters and salmon main courses overlooking Prague and the Vltava River at Villa Richter.

Lunch time

What was the best dish you ate there?

My favourite was the Lamb Knee & Potato Mash that we ate at the White Horse Pub. The prettiest meal, however, was definitely the dinner we had at Miura Hotel near Ostrava.

What surprised you about Prague?

There were more Asian tourists around than the last time I visited. When I asked about it, our guide said that there was a new TV series set in Prague and all these travelers were retracing the steps of the couple in this series. It’s very interesting how television series in general like Game of Thrones and Outlander affect tourism travel trends.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Which was your favourite moment on this trip?

I really enjoyed our stay at the sustainable Miura Hotel; the art, furniture and design are amazing and only overshadowed by the vistas of the Beskydy Mountains where you can ski in winter. A reason to go back for another visit!

The music that filtered throughout the hotel was my favourite aspect of my stay there. Some hotels only play classical- or jazz music, however Miura played Café del Mar type music which created a relaxing atmosphere. It was upbeat but also sophisticated, adding a modern feel to the space.

Miura Hotel
Why is Prague a great place for incentive groups?

The exchange rate to the Koruna is favorable. At the moment R1 is approximately worth CZK 1.56. It’s geared for tourism without feeling too “touristy” as the culture and history are so rich. There is so much to see and do that activities and itineraries can be tailored to exactly what groups want to experience.

Prague is an excellent destination for an incentive group. Are you thinking of Prague for your next incentive travel destination? Drop us a message.

Written by: Rehana Gordon