Jorum Nyemba

Tour Guide

Having grown up in Zimbabwe, Jorum now calls South Africa home. He moved here over two decades ago; starting in the tourism industry in 2006, first for the Mantis Collection and later for Giltedge Africa. In 2008, Jorum received his full tour guide license, which allows him to work as a private guide in all 9 of South Africa’s provinces.

When asked what he enjoys most about guiding, he replied: “To grow in all spheres of my life – from teaching to learning – I have a big hunger for knowledge. I also enjoy the discipline of guiding, sharing stories, calculating scenarios, the care I get to give and the responses I receive from my clients. Guiding is about humility.”

With 14 years of guiding experience, Jorum highlights the special relationship he builds with his clients. “You get to know many different people and their points of interest. Some of these friendships last for years, and I receive open invitations to visit.”

Another of his fascinations is sharing South Africa’s rich history from colonisation and slavery; to independence, apartheid … and democracy. This country has so many lessons to teach its visitors. It’s truly unique! Jorum also loves talking about South Africa’s natural diversity, its resources, people and culture. “As a nation, we are generally a kind and tolerant people!”