Kelly-Ann Bloem

Read MoreLike many young girls, I too dreamt of traveling the world. This dream spurred my ambition to become a flight attendant, leading me naturally into the field of travel and tourism. My practical year was spent at Club Travel, where my fascination with crafting unique travel experiences deepened, steering me towards a career as a travel consultant.

Upon completing my internship and graduating in 2013, I began working at Comair Ltd as a customer service agent for and British Airways, a tenure that lasted about six months. My journey then took me to Perfect Africa in 2014, where I worked as a flight reservationist. There, my passion for tourism grew exponentially. Four years later, I spread my wings further and joined GILTEDGE as an Administrative Consultant. Since then, I have gained extensive knowledge about Africa’s rich offerings and continue to explore and discover more about our beautiful continent, eager to experience and learn more.

Top tip for clients?

Choosing to be present in the moment instead than constantly documenting travel experiences yields the most memorable travel experiences.

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