Desiree Fredericks

Desiree has been in the tourism industry since 1998. She’s travelled throughout Southern and East Africa, as well as visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and – most recently – the Serengeti.

Having worked with clients from different nationalities her expertise lies in tailor-making FIT trips, and assisting throughout the planning process as well as on their travels. Discovering new routes keeps life interesting and doing it together with her close-knit family is a bonus. In her free time, Des coaches Bootcamp to groups of friends and acquaintances, and appreciate that hard works pays off!

What’s been your favourite safari experience?

It was a lifelong dream to finally see the Zebra and Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

Pick one place in Africa that’s forever in your heart?

That’s a hard toss up! It’s between the Serengeti, Tanzania and the Okavango Delta for me.

Top tip for clients?

Elephant lovers will absolutely enjoy the Hide out at Little Makololo in Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe). Be picky about a “room with a view” at a lodge with nearby watering holes for animals. And ladies don’t forget a versatile scarf: it protects your neck, shoulders, or doubles as a wrap around at the pool.

Your favourite client story?

A marriage proposal in Cape Town’s beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens! I went ahead of the couple to set up a romantic picnic, organised a bagpiper, as she was Irish, and walked around with the client’s camera to take the photos after he popped the question (I felt like the paparazzi!). I was praying that she’d say yes! And she did! It was a wonderful memory to last a lifetime.

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