Our guest Lynn Clark recently discovered that there’s nothing more mesmerising than Tanzania. She spent 11 days savouring each moment on the island of Zanzibar and on safari on Tanzania’s mainland.

How did the trip make you feel?

Amazed! Every property, guide, and resort staff member were more amazing than the next! Seeing the animals up close on the game drives felt surreal. The guides did an excellent job finding the animals and sharing their knowledge about them. We learned a ton on this trip.

Sundowners at Kilindi Zanzibar

What lodges did you stay at in Tanzania & what were the highlights of each?

We stayed at five different lodges: Arusha Coffee Lodge is where we began and ended our vacation. The grounds are lovely and we liked having Shanga (a social enterprise in Arusha that employs Tanzanians with disabilities) on the property so we could learn about and support this enterprise.

Next, we stayed at Kilindi on Zanzibar Island. The villas are unique and amazing, and we loved the separate bathroom, two plunge pools and views.

At Tarangire Treetops, we stayed in a suite with a Baobab tree right in the middle of it. The lobby area faces the watering hole that always had animals visiting. At Manor at Ngorongoro, we stayed in a comfortable cottage with three outdoor areas and amazing views.

Finally, we were in tent 15 at Serengeti Migration Camp, above the other tents, with great views and we could hear hippos and lions all night.

Game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater

What advice do you have to share with anyone else considering travelling to Tanzania?

Don’t forget to tip. At Kilindi, Tarangire Treetops, and Manor at Ngorongoro, we had a dedicated butler. We ended up tipping the butler $10 per person, per day and the rest of the staff $5 per person, per day via the tip box.

We recommend spending as much time at Serengeti Migration Camp as possible. Two nights weren’t enough. Three nights would have been perfect to end off our holiday.

Last bit of advice, we visited Zanzibar first and felt it was a great way to get over jet lag and relax before the fast-paced safari portion of the trip.

Waterhole at Elewana Tarangire Treetops

What type of traveller would enjoy a trip to Tanzania?

Travellers who are interested in ‘soft’ adventure, are open to new cultures, and interested in seeing animals in their natural habitats. Tanzania is also ideal for travellers looking for upscale or luxury experiences and not necessarily for ‘active’ options every single day.

Walking safari and lunch in the bush