Beryl & Tom S

Thank you once again

Our trip in general went well, very well, even extremely well in some cases. There’s always pluses / minuses and I guess it depends on how you view each incident, whether you can accept the minuses because of the pluses. We saw lots of wildlife at the camps except for Camp Amalinda – but this camp definitely offered us other pluses i.e. walking with the rhinos, the spectacular sights of the amazing coloured rock structures throughout the area, a unique lodge setting and a warm, friendly staff.

Thanks to your suggestions / guidance throughout our travels we experienced excellent situations including knowledgeable guides / rangers, friendly efficient general staff, high quality food, well located accommodations some with great views/near watering holes, on time transfers, smooth internals flights (Wilderness Safaris even flew us over the Victoria Falls at our request … they did get permission and it was an ultra treat). All the pilots were absolutely wonderful both in their PR and flying skills. You put together excellent routings / flight choices for us. So thank you very much.

In some respects we felt our stays in Zimbabwe and Botswana offered us more than either Madikwe / Motswari did. It definitely wasn’t because we didn’t see animals at the South African locations, we certainly did. But the downside of our stays at both these camps had more to do with other things, such as the larger number of tourists.

Since we’ve started visiting six trips ago, our expectations of what we want from our African safaris has become more streamlined and specific. We’re now seeking camps less crowded, probably fly in camps – mainly locations which are not easily accessible by road. But, as always, an outstanding guide is required to make any safari drive exceptional.

As always, we appreciate all your effort in putting together this package for us. Thank you once again, Nikki. We had a memorable trip to Africa in May 2107!

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