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Incredible memories of our trip to Africa!

Certainly, we bring back incredible memories of our trip to Africa! We got to see a lot of game at the various locations, and we did see the “Big Five” over the course of our journey.

We did not realize that we would not be with a group for the safari adventure. But all of the transfers from one location to another were handled superbly! One of the bush plane flights was an hour late on picking us up, but the driver from the Intrepids Camp did not leave us until the plane had landed and we were safely loaded. This was the plane that was to take us to our border crossing, so we were concerned that we might miss the next flight on the Tanzanian side. But the pilot of the plane which was late had already communicated with the pilot in Tanzania and they held that flight until we got there. So we give you high praise for all of the logistics. The border crossing from Kenya to Tanzania was “interesting” and memorable. But the guide that took us across the border covered the necessary bases and there were no glitches.

As for accommodations, beginning with the Intrepids Camp in Masai Mara, each place seemed to try to outdo the other! With the exception of the Pelican Lodge near Nakuru National Park, all of the accommodations welcomed us warmly with drinks, smiles and personal attention! The tented camp experiences that we had for six nights were all great. The Serengeti Migration Camp probably stands out just a little more than the other two because our ”tent” was located near the hippos at the river and we got to experience the sound of those massive animals up close. This is one of those things we had hoped to experience on our safari. Additionally, the operators of the Serengeti Migration Camp (Ryan and Lauren) go out of their way to make sure that every detail of your stay is taken care of. The Neptune Lodge at The Ngorongoro Crater was exceptional! We could stay at that place for a year!  (Assuming we had the funds!)  And what can one say about the Saxon in Johannesburg?! It is what royalty should expect.

As for the game drives, probably the Serengeti and Masai Mara experiences provided the best viewing of animals. In both of those locations, the drivers/guides had more discretion about where to drive the vehicles and could take us up close to where the animals were, without being limited to sightings that were only along the dirt roads.  Additionally, Intrepids and Migration had the most experienced guides that we encountered.

In summary, the places and experiences on our adventure exceeded our expectations. Your arrangements for us were amazing, and we can recommend Giltedge to our friends and family with strong confidence.

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