Tours in Republic of the Congo

Exploring untamed Congo is an authentic wilderness experience. The Republic of Congo is one of the last three remaining countries in East Africa where you can track gorillas in the wild. It’s a truly untouched frontier and of the best eco-tourism destinations in Africa. Congo’s rainforest is the largest in Africa, boasting chimpanzee, lowland gorillas and forest elephants. The local, friendly people love welcoming foreign visitors to their country. But its main attraction is its wilderness – beckoning visitors to experience Africa in all its raw, natural beauty. Come explore the Congo!

Discover the Congo & Gorilla Trekking

This exciting 10-day itinerary is the best of two wildly different worlds: a buzzing, fashion-forward cultural experience in the capital city and a remote, rainforest paradise filled with gorillas, exotic birds and diverse wildlife. The Congo-Brazzaville is sure to amaze any traveler with an adventurous spirit.

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