Costs, currency & money in Mauritius

Are you planning a trip to Mauritius but you’re uncertain about the daily costs? We’ve compiled some facts about costs and money in Mauritius. Stay one step ahead when preparing your holiday to this gorgeous island paradise.


What currency should I take with me?

Stressed about getting your hands on some rupees? Don’t be. You can take South African and US currency with you and exchange it on arrival. There are many Bureau De Changes and they offer similar rates.

We highly recommend getting smaller notes as haggling is an integral part of the market culture in Mauritius. It’s likely that you will find yourself in a situation in which you will have to barter. Plus, it’s really fun!

How much money should I convert?

It’s well-advised to avoid converting too many cash rupees as it’ll cost you much more to convert them back. Finding a good exchange rate is challenging and the fees are considerably larger than those charged for exchanging to the local currency.

The bulk of your spending using Mauritian rupees will be at the local markets, vendors, taxi rides and perhaps, a few handicrafts at the bazaar.

money in Mauritius

Credit Cards

Most stores, hotels, bars, and restaurants accept payments via credit card, specifically Visa and Maestro. Amex is quickly becoming more available as well. Watch out for an extra fee of 3% recorded as a ‘bank charge’. Ask in advance about any extra fees charged.

money in Mauritius

Daily Costs

Ideally, you would be doing a bit of a balancing act with your holiday budget. Let’s review some of the costs of visiting Mauritius:

 Mauritian Rupee  US Dollar  South African Rand
 Cocktail  320 MUR  $8.69  R129.99
 Still water (1l)  35 MUR  $0.95  R14.22
 Can of Coke  60 MUR  $1.63  R24.37
 Meal at mid-range restaurant  450 MUR  $12.23  R182.80
 Milk (1l)  43 MUR  $1.17  R17.47
 Beer (bottle)  28 MUR  $0.76  R11.37
 Wine  300 MUR  $8.15  R121.87
 Fast food meal  200 MUR  $5.43  R81.24
 Cappuccino  89 MUR  $2.42  R36.15
 Espresso  69 MUR  $1.87  R28.03
 Cigarettes  182 MUR  $4.94  R73.93

These prices are general estimates and your travel consultant will be able to provide more detailed feedback on what to expect cost-wise.


Honeymoon discounts

Planning your honeymoon? Newly-weds can look forward to honeymoon discounts but make sure to bring along a copy of your marriage certificate as hotels may ask to see it.


Mauritian travel etiquette results in employees paying close attention to your needs to earn a good tip. It’s advisable to wait until the end of your stay to tip hotel staff members apart from the porters, assisting with your luggage upon arrival.

  • At restaurants, it’s customary to tip between 10-15%
  • At a spa, guests are expected to tip 5-10% unless the service fee is included
  • Tour guides are usually tipped 10% (and the driver 5%) of the cost of the tour
  • A helpful taxi driver would expect 100-200 rupees
  • 100 rupees is the standard for attentive hotel staff

money in Mauritius

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