Colourful houses line the streets, each one lovingly painted by the home owners themselves. Bo-Kaap is an area of Cape Town, South Africa formerly known as the Malay Quarter. This neighbourhood is rich with both colour and culture with roots as old as Cape Town itself. Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre, it is an historical centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town.

Welcome to the home and kitchen of Faldela Tolker, a true character and the host of “Cooking with Love” a Cape Malay cooking class. Entering Faldela’s house, one is greeted with glass of sweet, pink rose-water and milk before moving into the modest, homely kitchen. Guests are taught various cooking techniques and help Faldela prepare the feast of the day from prep to table. From browning the onions and heating the oil, to rolling the dough for the rotis and folding and filling the samoosas, the class is as “hands on” as they come!

The menu for the day included chicken and corn samosas, rotis followed by sizzling chili bites with a choice of sweet-and-sour sauce or a spicy tomato-coriander salsa. The main dish was a chicken curry, and coconut koeksisters for dessert.

 Faldela, who has cooked with many celebrities, opens her home to visitors from across the globe for an authentic Cape Malay dining experience. She hosts guests from 2 to 20 guests at a time for lunch and dinner, where you learn to cook a traditional Cape Malay meal and enjoy a walking tour of the Bo-Kaap if you have the time and energy after the amazing meal.
This is an experience we highly recommends for groups travelling to the Mother City and those seeking to be immersed in an authentic cultural experience.

Written By: Tarryn Craig