Old Mondoro Camp

The Old Mondoro offers an intimate safari experience with only 8 guests allowed on-site at a time. Campfires flicker around a dimly lit open-sided thatch-roofed dining room where guests can enjoy local bush cuisine over delectable wine. Spot local wildlife on a 2-4-hour long game drive concluding with a stop for a sundowner at twilight. Once the day-drivers complete their journey, the night drive begins. Guests can look forward to rare sightings of porcupine, civets, genets and the occasional leopard or lion on the prowl.

The lodge boasts a spectacular view of the river from its sandy banks. Dusk descends upon the camp with scarlet and indigo hues. Of course, this would be the ideal moment to soak in the outdoor stone bath overlooking the last light touching the Zambezi waters. It’s not uncommon for elephants to wander into Old Mondoro territory, so don’t be surprised by these gentle creatures. Couples can enjoy a romantic riverside breakfast and observe the local wildlife begin their day. Keep an eye out for yawning hippos and elephants drinking water. Perhaps, if you’re particularly observant, you may even spot the small dragon-like pangolin hunting ants in the bush.

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