It’s a family-owned and run business, and as you enter the gates, the personal touch is instantly tangible. So much care, thought, and heritage has been poured into every aspect of this magnificent estate. This Winelands gem is a unique destination with something to please the whole family. Situated on Bottelary Road, Hazendal is an easy drive from Cape Town and is the perfect escape from the rat race.


Hazendal Wine Estate


There are so many highlights; it’s hard to know where to start.  Perhaps I’ll begin with keeping the kids busy.  The directors Shlomi and Simone have designed an indoor/outdoor educational kids centre called Wonderdal, where kids age 5-13 learn about natural sciences develop life skills, problem-solving, creative thinking and most importantly have tons of fun. It’s a bespoke design and feels like something on par with top children’s’ museums abroad. The program is completely supervised and teaches through interactive and fun experiences subjects that are aligned with the SA school curriculum. The age limit is 13, but honestly, I could have been happy there for a few hours. Top class edutainment!


Wonderdal the indoor/outdoor educational play center for kids


While the kids are kept busy, parents can enjoy one of many options… a walk through the family’s vintage car collection; a stroll around the Marvol Art Gallery; a picnic on the lawns in front of the super stylish Babushka Deli or a delicious al fresco lunch at the Pivunshka Beer Garden. We enjoyed a superb family style selection of dishes ranging from tender, aged BBQ beef steak to a grilled broccoli salad with basil aioli! Set in a relaxed environment with spectacular views of the Simonsberg and Bottelary Hills, the lunch was delicious.


Marvol gallery & Classic car museum


I love how the family’s Russian heritage is evident throughout the farm (you’ll find at least one Russian dish on each of the eatery’s menus), but even so, the family have chosen to celebrate the country they find themselves in. We are privileged to have the Voloshin family invested so thoughtfully in the Western Cape.


Babushka deli interior and picnic


The locally-made mosaiced Babushka Doll that welcomes you at the deli entrance is another beautiful ode to the owner’s heritage, but what caught my eye most was the Russian High Tea offering.  Set in a regal room overlooking the wine cellar is the traditional tea complete with exquisite Russian crockery and grand silver Russian tea urns. I didn’t have the chance to experience the high tea, but I’m definitely going to take my girlfriends and return for a treat.


Wine library

There is so much more to talk about – the wine; the golf, but alas I will save that for another day. Hazendal is a unique wonderland of experiences, all created with a story behind them and a purpose that can only delight visitors to the estate. You’ll be missing out if you don’t visit soon!

By Bridget Gardiner
Photos by Bridget Gardiner and Hazendal

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