Sean Kritzinger, our Executive Chairman, was invited to the launch of Marataba Conservation Camps. It’s a new conservation-focused safari experience in the malaria-free Marakele National Park – only a 3.5 hours’ drive, or a 1-hour flight from Johannesburg. It’s home to spectacular landscapes and iconic wildlife.

Sean had this to say: Marataba is a safari experience like no other! If you would like to go behind-the-scenes of conservation at a game reserve, then this is for you. The activities at Marataba are tailored-made, and each booking has a private guide and vehicle available.

Marataba Conservation Camps has two luxury tented camps located in 21,000-hectare (52,000-acre) of wilderness.

  • Founders Camp is made up of 4 suites and can be booked for exclusive use (8 adults & 2 children).
  • Explorers Camp is made up of 5 tents and 1 family tent. It can host 2 individual bookings, or an exclusive-use request (max 12 adults & 6 children).
  • You can also book a night at the Thabametsi Treehouse.
conservation safari
Founders Camp, Marataba (South Africa)
Thabametsi Treehouse, Marataba (South Africa)

Conservation Safari: Wildlife Monitoring

Conservation is the core function of Marataba’s team. Are you interested to learn about wildlife management and monitoring? You can participate in a number of activities.

The game reserve is home to white rhino and black rhino, under threat of poaching for their horns. Accompany a ranger and learn how to identify rhinos through their ear notches. This can take place at any stage on a game drive. Just looking at these magnificent animals, you start to understand some of the work and monitoring.

Take a behind the scenes look at what happens in the park during the day and night with the analysis of footage from camera traps. Participate in selecting appropriate sites for the placement of the camera trap—great fun for the whole family.

Conservation safari: Cheetah Tracking

Do you love big cats? You can join the team in tracking collared cheetahs for predator management. This means that you can walk into sightings, assess animal behaviour, and report back to the camp’s conservation team.

Conservation Safari: Elephant identikits

You can also participate in compiling individual identikits for elephants and the rough determination of growth rates. The results are used to inform actions and interventions at Marataba.

3-day Rhino Conservation Safari

Marataba offers a 3-day Rhino Safari where you can get involved in elective procedures like rhino notching. Animals are located by helicopter and immobilized (the tranquillizing dart is shot by a professional veterinary). Once immobilized, the animal is moved into a comfortable position before the veterinarian notches incise into the ears under anaesthetic. Microchips are inserted into the horn and the body.

Suitable for? Small groups of a maximum of 10 people can join the professional team in rhino darting for monitoring and medical procedures. This experience is available from 1 February to 31 October 2021.

Conservation safari: Community outreach

The Marataba Community & Conservation Foundation was established to upskill people in the local community. The community-driven vegetable garden is nurtured by an enthusiastic, physically and mentally disabled local, Lukas Monyeki.  The garden has given him his first employment and a purpose and recognition from the rest of his community.

A visit to the community garden is sure to inspire you!

Private Guide & Vehicle

Every booking at Marataba is allocated a private vehicle and guide to allow for maximum flexibility. Enjoy game viewing by vehicle or boat and tailor-make your stay with a combination of “mix & match” experiences.

Walking safaris

Explore Marataba on foot through gorges, along rivers and on top of mountain ridges. Enjoy swimming, picnics and visiting important cultural sites. All walks are tailored to guest’s fitness level and age, ranging from strolls to family-friendly walks to multi-day hikes.

Ready to go?

Find out more about Marataba Conservation Camps or get in touch with us to start planning your vacation to South Africa.